Guilding being an art like any other art, it is good to use the correct tools doing it to achieve the actual imagination and vision of the artist. In order to have a final product that is beautiful and smart gilding tools should be of good quality since the quality of materials used play a significant role in the finished product to be attained.

It doesn't matter much whether one is a professional gilder or even if he is doing for fun or personal interest there are quality and variety of tools one must use in order to achieve a perfect final product. It is good to appreciate the fact that gilding has been around for very many years ,infect what we can say for sure is that it has undergone very many changes, including use of metallic powders, plating, to applying a coat of gold.

Other then the original French sense of the word faux, which means false, in actual art world ,faux finishing!residential-painting refers to that painting on a surface Cleary such that the appearance of the picture and the object looks like the same thing. Faux Finish has grown over the years, just like any other type of art, since faux finish has been there for so many years , what has only been improved is only the art itself, such that in the current world now it might be hard for one to differentiate between a real finish and a faux finish Due to the enormous weight and high cost of marble many people find it easy to use faux finish since it's not only comfortable but also cheap, this makes statue to be a good victim of this art of faux finish.

There exist many precious metals one can imitate and duplicate using faux finish like gold, silver, bronze, or any other provided one uses a paintable surface, granite to is another common surface to reproduce.

Decorative painting!about-us is a form or art just like faux finish just that this time it is independent and its main aim is for beatification. It is also good to know that it differs with another type of ordinary sequence of painting, its objective is to meets peoples aim of decoration. decorative painting mostly aims at passing a certain kind of information it is therefore wise to take a sharp look an every detail of the picture from the colors used, to the surface and material therein. In most cases many homeowners prefer making their own decorative painting using locally available materials like plywood and parks them in a frame.